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Riding Tours

Our tours have been conceived to cover all tastes and abilities, taking the seasons and their associated weather conditions and temperatures into consideration, so that we can offer something for everyone. Andalusia is a region of extremes – not only with respect to the diverse and varied countryside but also to the seasons. Everything is possible: 12 hours of sunshine every day and temperatures of up to 40°C in summer, and heavy rainfall in winter. We have paid special attention to optimizing our tours so that your riding holiday will be a great and unforgettable experience, no matter in which season you choose to visit us.

Andalusia’s appeal lies in the contrast between the seasons and the landscapes: meadows flowering in many different colours in springtime; the typical, dry plains with their pink oleander blossoms in summer; the fresh green in the woods after the first rain in autumn and the luscious green during the orange and almond blossom in winter.
Rosemary, thyme, lavender and gorse flower in the mountains amongst the otherwise sparse vegetation; the paths in the fertile valleys are lined with vines, olive trees and almond trees; forests of old holm oaks and cork trees; carob trees and Portuguese oaks, interspersed here and there with the pine trees that are so typical for this region; all these wild, romantic and spectacular views can be enjoyed from the saddle.

Riding Style, Saddles and Bridles

We use Spanish working saddles, also known as Vaquero saddles, for our riding tours. These saddles were specially developed for the demands of the Spanish cattle drovers and their long working days in the saddle, so they are extremely comfortable for both horse and rider.

Our horses are used to single-hand riding with a hackamore, a type of headgear which does not have a bit but works on pressure points on the nose, chin and neck. It is very easy to learn how to ride using only one hand, and this style is much more practical and comfortable on long rides. A bridle without a bit makes it easier for the horse and rider to feel at ease with each other, even in difficult terrain and on long stretches.

We only walk or canter the horses. This is due to the hard nature of the ground and paths on the one hand, and to the design of the saddle on the other hand, which makes trotting very difficult and uncomfortable. When climbing up and down we make it easier for the horses by standing slightly in the stirrups and we also stand when cantering to take the strain off the horses’ backs. As a matter of principle we would like to state at this point that most of the time we ride at a walking pace, especially on the days in the mountains, because the demanding terrain and the extreme ground conditions hardly allow any cantering. Our high-quality tack is in extremely good condition and our style of riding, especially on long stretches, is very uncomplicated and comfortable – this guarantees you and your horses a relaxing ride.

Arrival and Departure

The two nearest airports to us are Jerez de la Frontera and Seville. If you book one of our riding tours we offer you a collective transfer on arrival and departure days as following:
Arrival Jerez: On the day of arrival (Grazalema- or Bandolero-trail: Saturday; Sol & Soul-trail: Sunday) from Jerez Airport at 7 p.m. Meeting point is in the Arrivals Hall at 7 p.m.
Arrival Seville: On the day of arrival (Grazalema- or Bandolero-trail: Saturday; Sol & Soul-trail: Sunday) from Seville Airport at 5 p.m. Meeting point is in the Arrivals Hall at 5 p.m.
Departure: Departure of the collective transfer to Jerez and Seville Airport on the day of departure (always a Saturday) is at 9:30 a.m. Therefore, when booking flights, please note that no return flights should leave from Jerez before 12:30 p.m. or from Seville before 13:30 p.m.
Collective transfer Jerez: 75,00 Euro p.p. (approx. 1 hour travel time)
Collective transfer Seville: 95,00 Euro p.p. (approx. 2 hours travel time)
Due to traffic volume or flight delays of other guests the collective transfer can be delayed. In these cases we ask for your understanding and patience.
If the times of the collective transfers do not coincide with your arrival and departure times, we will be happy to organize a taxi or other special transport for you (only upon previous agreement).
If you are coming from Malaga, we ask you to organize your transfer yourself. Naturally you can book extra days with us before or after your tours.


Necessary riding experience and physical fitness

All our riding tours are geared for riders experienced in riding out and who are in a good physical condition. You do not need to be a professional sportsman/sportswoman or rider, but you should be able to ride and control a more temperamental horse in demanding terrain in a confident and relaxed manner. A steady hand and a good seat at both paces, as well as a good level of fitness, are the prerequisites for enjoying several hours in the saddle and sporadic canters.

In the mountains we adjust our speed to the terrain. In some parts, when ascending or descending, we lead the horses when the path is long or steep.

Our riding tours are demanding and some of the riding days are long. The maximum weight for a rider is therefore 90 kilos. If a rider weighs more than 90 kilos, he or she will have to have a very high riding standard, so please ask us if your weight is over the 90 kilo limit.

We would like to point out that you must have the necessary riding experience and physical fitness for all the riding programmes. If we find this to be insufficient, we reserve the right to exclude you from the riding programme, for your own sake and that of the other riders.